Sr Rita (called in the world Christina Montella) was born in Cèrcola (Naples) on the 3 April 1920. When she was very young she had some supernatural experiences which trained her for the enclosed austere life with the Augustinian Nuns in Santa Croce sull’Arno’s Convent (Pisa, Italy). Here she led a holy life from the 10 August 1940 until her death, which took place on the 26 November 1992. She worked hard as a Lay Sister, but with interior joy, although she was in poor health. Many people who admire her remember that she used to say: ‘For Jesus all is only a little’.
Those who get acquainted with her are amazed at her simplicity, her reserve and her humility. She used to abase herself to glorify Our Lord. Her behaviour reminds us of the Blessed Virgin of Nazareth, the sublime Lady who lived unknown to the world but exalted in front of God.
We have several testimonies of her interior life and of her austere reserve, namely autobiographical passages and evidence from people. They show her deep spirituality, characterized by extraordinary charisms, on whose authenticity we leave the final judgement to the Church.
Sr Rita carried out in bilocation a ‘mission of reparation’ with St.Pio of PietreIcina, the mystic friar of the “Gargano”.

                                                                                                             Arcangelo Aurino